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Soohealthcare - acupuncture in Irvine CA, Lake Forest CA - (949) 533-6699
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5 SOLID stars for this wonderful place!! I just received the best shiatsu / deep tissue massage that I have EVER experienced! The massage therapist was very thorough on the areas where I mentioned I was experiencing tightness & made it all go away! She was very strong & had the best technique I have ever experienced! Definitely the BEST massage I’ve ever had!! I’m definitely coming back again & again! My next appt is in 2 weeks & I can’t wait to come back!! They have a client for life!! Thank you SOO Health Care!! 🙂


I was suffering from severe neck and back pain for a long time and tried almost everything. A friend referred me to Dr. Park for Acupuncture in Irvine CA and Massage therapy about a month ago.

So far I had only 3 treatment sessions in their office and the results are well beyond my expectations. I no longer need to use my pain medications and my back brace that I used to wear every day.

Besides the great service, Dr. Park and his staff are very friendly and the office is super clean.

Definitely, recommend this place to anyone seeking natural treatments for their blood circulation problems which will cause weak muscles and chronic pain. –Paymen-

I have been visiting Dr. Parks’s office more than a year for acupuncture and massage therapy whenever I have a stiffness of my back, neck, and leg area.

Dr. Park is very nice, gentle, and very friendly, and he cares about your pains. And he is also trying to improve the health condition of digestive systems; stomach, colon and liver and high blood pressure issue and so on… by acupuncture after discussion,

After diagnosing the pain areas, he can treat the root cause of the pain by applying the needles to the points where need the most with no pain. I love his electrical pulse vibration treatment of the needles after needles are applied. He also applies needles to the areas for the stomach, liver, and so on..even for reducing the belly fat purpose, depending on your request.

I also like the cupping pressure treatment once a while. That makes me so relaxing!

After that, his steps provide wonderful full or half body massage for 30 min or 1hour depends on your condition and office schedules, on your neck, shoulder, back, legs, and ankle. This is awesome!! This will completely relax your body, your muscle, and relieve your pain and stress.

Whenever I have pain and stiffness in my back or neck, after visiting Dr. Park’s office, I feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed. Thank you so much, Dr. Park and his staffs!

His office environment is very clean, pleasant, and comfortable. And scheduling an appointment is very flexible to accommodate your schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Park’s Soo Helathe care clinic whoever in need of pain relief.

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