is Xfinity Flex? free?

Xfinity Flex can be free, but there are some conditions:

Xfinity Flex can be free
Xfinity Flex can be free

Internet Required: You must have an existing Xfinity Internet subscription to qualify for the free Xfinity Flex streaming device.
First Streaming Device: The first Xfinity Flex device you receive is free with your internet plan.
Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

First Xfinity Flex streaming device with qualifying Xfinity Internet plan.
Additional Costs:
Each additional Xfinity Flex streaming device is $5 per month.
There might be a one-time activation fee (check with Xfinity for current pricing).

If you only need one streaming device and already have Xfinity internet, then Xfinity Flex can be a good free option.
If you need multiple streaming devices or prefer a different platform, there are other free and paid streaming services available, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick (with free ad-supported content), and Chromecast with Google TV (also with free options).